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How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Lenses

Blog, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Just like knowing which frames best suit your lifestyle, knowing how to choose eyeglass lenses is equally important. It is a fundamental step toward achieving better vision, and it’s important to choose the right prescription lenses for your frames and personal needs. 


Those who wear glasses can attest that lens quality can be the difference between “okay” and “phenomenal” vision. With so many choices out there, knowing how to choose eyeglass lenses can be a challenge. While choosing your lenses, it’s important to consider the durability, weight, and UV protection level of them.


We offer a variety of lenses made of various materials, and we’re going to look into each type of lens to see how they work. 


Here is how to choose eyeglass lenses:

How to Choose Eyeglass Lenses: Plastic

While learning how to choose eyeglass lenses that are perfect for you, remember that plastic lenses are the most basic and inexpensive lenses available. If you are shopping for comfortable, lightweight lenses on a budget and would like some UV protection, this is a great option for you. 


Plastic lenses work with most prescriptions, but they can be on the thick side. If you have a high prescription, consider choosing another type of lens. The plastic lenses will be heavy and may make your eyes look quite large. Knowing how to choose eyeglass lenses that are perfect for you starts with understanding what plastic lenses are great for.


Plastic lenses are great for:


  • Simple prescriptions
  • Low budgets
  • A spare pair for contact users


If these fit into your lifestyle and choices, plastic lenses are right for you. They are compatible with most frames and provide sufficient optical correction. However, plastic is more susceptible to damage than many other lenses, so you’ll want to order an anti-scratch coating to reduce unwanted marks.


How to Choose Eyeglass Lenses: Polycarbonate

Most customers opt for polycarbonate lenses during their search on how to choose eyeglass lenses that are perfect for them because they are the most durable. You can trust that if these lenses are dropped, they won’t shatter. This makes them ideal for athletes who will wear them during sporting events, children, or those who have active lifestyles. 


Polycarbonate lenses are great for:


  • Those who want to save money in the long run
  • Those who spend more time outside
  • Those who are active


Best of all, these glasses also do not weigh your face down, and they protect you against harmful UV rays. If you need something stronger than plastic lenses, choose polycarbonate. Learning how to choose eyeglass lenses will help you determine if polycarbonate lenses are the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

How to Choose Eyeglass Lenses: Trivex(R) Lenses

During your search and while learning how to choose eyeglass lenses, consider trivex lenses. Trivex lenses are so light, you will barely realize you’re wearing them. They will withstand most impacts and protect your eyes against harmful UV light while also maintaining optimal comfort. 


Trivex(R) lenses are great for:



While discovering how to choose eyeglasses lenses, learning about trivex lenses will help you determine if they will be a good fit for you, especially if you need close to perfect clarity. And if you do, then these are the right lenses for you. They are also a great option for people who have higher prescriptions.

How to Choose Eyeglass Lenses: High Index

High-index lenses are lightweight and thinner than polycarbonates, yet they still perform well for most prescriptions. In your search on how to choose eyeglasses lenses that are the right fit, know that high-index lenses are also an affordable option for families. They feature plastic, and they come with UV protective coating. 


High-index lenses are great for:


  • People with stronger prescriptions.
  • Those who want a thinner, more comfortable lens
  • Those who want a more attractive lens


Also, if you are nearsighted, knowing how to choose eyeglass lenses that are right for you might be a little more difficult, but if you’re looking for the best quality at the most affordable price, high-index lenses are a great option.

Summary of How to Choose Eyeglass Lenses

Now that you know the different types, learning how to choose eyeglass lenses should be much easier for you. There are many different lenses, but with this simple breakdown of each, choosing the right lenses for you and your frames will be simple. 


How to Choose Eyeglass Lenses


Here is how to choose eyeglass lenses:


  • Plastic: If you’re looking for affordable lenses to cover a simple prescription, plastic lenses are right for you. 
  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate lenses are the best for children, athletes, and those who have active lives because they’re so durable.
  • Trivex(R): Trivex lenses work best for people who prefer lighter feeling lenses or who have rimless frames. 
  • High Index: If you desire more attractive lenses for a strong prescription, then the high-index lenses are perfect for you.


Now that you know how plastic, polycarbonate, trivex, and high-index lenses work, you will have a better idea of how to choose your eyeglass lenses. While purchasing lenses, consider some that have non-glare and other special treatments to ensure your glasses perform their best. Whatever lenses you opt for, be sure they offer 100-percent UV protection.


When you shop at For Eyes, you enjoy a great selection of glasses at affordable prices. If you need affordable, high-quality eyeglass lenses for your family, find a For Eyes store near you to talk to a specialist today. 

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