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How to Adjust Kids Glasses That You Bought Online

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Glasses for Kids

Buying glasses online is a popular option when it comes to new eyewear for your child. Chances are, we’ve all bought a pair of glasses online before, but what happens when these glasses come in, and they don’t fit your child’s face? 


Though it’s recommended to have an eye care professional adjust your child’s frames, it’s also helpful to know how to adjust kids glasses that you bought online at home, in case you can’t make it into a store. 

How to Adjust Kids Glasses That You Bought Online

You may need to adjust your child’s glasses if they’re experiencing any discomfort. If so, follow these simple steps: 

How to Adjust Glasses’ Arms

If your child says their glasses are too tight, knowing how to adjust the glasses’ arms, or temples, is essential. Start by cleaning your hands to keep from transferring residue. 


Next, carefully bend the arms how you want. If your frames aren’t cooperating, warm them up with a hairdryer to make them more flexible. Plastic frames are more likely to require heat than other types of eyewear. 


Once the frames are easy to maneuver, hold one arm still, and apply pressure to the center of the other arm. This will allow you to move the arm into a position that maximizes your child’s comfort. You’ll also want to follow the steps on the other arm to ensure they curve in the same position.


Some frames may require the help of a screwdriver if they’re too snug on your child’s face. Remember not to loosen them too much, as it can cause the frames to fall down your child’s nose. 

How to Adjust Glasses’ Bridge and Nose Pads

If your child’s glasses fall down their nose or feel too tight, consider adjusting the bridge or nose pads. Just like with adjusting the arms of your child’s glasses, make sure your hands are clean.


How to adjust the bridge of plastic glasses is simple. Run a hairdryer over the bridge, and bend it to make the frames looser or tighter, depending on your child’s needs.


You might also need to know how to adjust the glasses’ nose pads. If your child’s glasses seem to cover their eyebrows or parts of their forehead, the nose pads should be separated. If the glasses hang on your child’s nose, use your fingers to bring the nose pads together.


Nose pads are simple to maneuver and do not require heat to manipulate. However, if you have plastic frames, a little heat on your nose pads may help speed up the adjustment. 

Summary of Adjusting Kids Glasses That You Bought Online

Buying glasses online is convenient, but if they don’t fit properly, you’ll need to have them adjusted. Understanding how glasses should fit on a child is vital to helping you know what to look out for in the new eyewear. 


Here’s how to adjust kids glasses that you bought online:


  • Apply heat to reposition the arms and nose pads as needed.
  • Loosen or tighten the eyewear with a tiny screwdriver. 


If your child’s glasses revert to the uncomfortable positioning or if you’re worried about doing this on your own, we can perform adjustments for free as a part of our lifelong guarantee, even if you’re not a customer. 

Come by your local For Eyes to have your child’s glasses adjusted today.

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