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How Should Eyeglasses Fit With Your Eyebrows?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

For many of us, our eyebrows are our most prominent trait. We spend a large portion of our makeup routine on defining our brows and highlighting our brow bone to create a new look that makes us feel most confident.


As a new eyeglasses’ wearer, you may think you won’t be able to show off your brows anymore, but in reality, new eyewear can help you kickstart your brow game. You just have to make sure you have the right pair of eyeglasses.


Now, how should eyeglasses fit with your eyebrows? If you’re looking for the answer, here’s everything you need to know. 

How Eyeglasses Should Fit With Your Eyebrows

It’s simple to find the best pair of eyeglasses when you try to complement your facial features, but we often forget our eyebrows. Selecting the right shape of frames for your face can be done by using your eyebrows as a guideline.


Here is how eyeglasses should fit with your eyebrows:


Tips for Finding Frames That Fit Your Eyebrows

Everyone’s eyebrows have different shapes and styles. Your eyebrows give your face character, so selecting frames that allow your brows to shine will work to your advantage. 


Start with these tips:


  • Thick frames complement thin brows, which are less prevalent. If your brows are too thin, the wrong eyewear can detract from your look, so it’s vital to understand how eyeglasses should fit with your eyebrows. 
  • For more prominent eyebrows, thin or semi-rimless frames look best. However, semi-rimless frames add emphasis to your forehead, so be sure that your frames fall below your brows for a more balanced look. 

Summary: How should eyeglasses fit with your eyebrows?

While multiple styles of eyeglasses can work for each person, remember to make sure your eyewear is in proportion to your facial features, such as your eyebrows. Choosing frames based on that will help you hone in on your desired look. 


Keep these pointers in mind:


  • Sizing your eyeglasses using your eyebrows as a guideline is a great way to know how your eyeglasses should fit.
  • Considering the shape and size of your eyebrows is vital in choosing eyeglasses that suit your features. You never want to diminish your features with frames that don’t accentuate your brows. 
  • Regarding how eyeglasses should fit with your eyebrows, the rims of your eyeglasses should be the same shape as your eyebrows. More than half of the brows should also peek out from behind your frames. 


Now that you know how eyeglasses should fit with your eyebrows, go out there, and wow everyone with your new look. 

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