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How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked After Age 50?

Blog, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

As we get older, our eyes tend to change, and seeing anything near us can become challenging. Maybe you think about how often you should get your eyes checked after age 50 because your vision is not what it used to be. 


Let’s examine some of the top vision issues for people over 50 and when you should visit the eye doctor

What are the most common vision concerns for people over 50?

If you’re over the age of 50, knowing when to get an eye exam can help protect your vision. One of the most common vision problems for people over 50 is presbyopia. This condition often starts in your 40s, but by age 50, the symptoms can worsen.


Presbyopia is an eye issue that happens as a result of age and the stiffening of your eye lenses. It can be difficult to concentrate on items that are nearby, such as books, because the lenses inside our eyes can’t bend in the right way. Reading glasses are a helpful temporary solution, but you might need progressive glasses or bifocals down the line.


Macular degeneration is another common vision problem for people over 50. Macular degeneration occurs when the macula, which is the middle of the retina, degrades over time, and it can cause blindness. 


Glaucoma can also cause vision loss by impacting the optic nerve. The optic nerve transports what your eyes see to the part of the brain that helps with vision. Glaucoma must be diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam, which is why it’s important to know how often you should get your eyes checked after age 50. 

How often should you get your eyes checked after age 50?

If you’re having any eye problems, you might wonder, ‘How often should you get your eyes checked after age 50?’ When you reach the age of 50, you should have an eye exam every year so that your eye doctor can look for eye diseases and other vision issues.  


You may also be concerned about how often you should go to the eye doctor if you wear glasses. For example, if you wear glasses, but you find it difficult to read or do other close-up work because of presbyopia, you may need to make the switch from single lenses to bifocals, progressive lenses, or trifocals. If you ever feel like your vision is deteriorating, you should see your doctor right away, but we recommend staying on schedule with an eye exam every year. 

Summary: When should you go to the eye doctor after age 50?

How often should you get your eyes checked after age 50? If you’re over 50, you’ll want to see your eye doctor once per year. This will help you keep tabs on your vision, and make sure that you catch eye issues, including but not limited to glaucoma, macular degeneration, and presbyopia. Some of these problems can only be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam. 


Since our vision changes as we age, getting different glasses is often a good option. Your eye doctor can suggest the best kind of eyewear and will let you know if you should make the change from single-vision lenses. 


Be sure to see your eye doctor today if it’s been more than a year since your last exam.

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