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How Often Should You Get New Glasses’ Frames?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

With as much time as the average person wears glasses, it’s necessary to replace the frames every so often. Your frames can wear down, accumulate dirt, and even break over time. This makes it essential to understand when to get new eyewear to ensure your eyes never go without vision correction.


How often should you get new glasses’ frames? Here’s what you need to know. 

How often should you get new glasses’ frames?

Your current eyewear should last you an average of one to three years (sometimes more with the right treatment). If you’re unsure about how often you should get new glasses’ frames, consider switching them out after the three-year mark–or when you notice any problems with your glasses or vision.


At your yearly comprehensive eye exam, the optometrist will investigate how your visual acuity has changed since your previous appointment. They may ask you questions such as:


  • Do you have any concerns about your vision?
  • Have you had any significant lifestyle changes since your previous exam?
  • How have your computer habits changed since your last visit?


They may also inquire about whether you’ve had any new symptoms of vision loss, which may include blurry vision, frequent squinting, or keeping one eye shut to watch TV. While these are signs of needing glasses, they can also indicate whether a change in prescription is necessary.


Bear in mind that not everyone’s vision changes over three years. You might have the same prescription and need new glasses due to your frames wearing down. But if your prescription is different at your next eye exam, the eye doctor may suggest new frames that can handle your vision requirements.


Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of frames to choose from. All of our optical stores carry designer frames and more for men, women, and kids. Whatever your age, you’re sure to find new fashionable eyewear that can accommodate your prescription at For Eyes.


To improve how long your frames last, take care of your eyewear. Learn how to clean your glasses, and store them in a container each night to lower the chances of breakage. The better you treat your frames, the longer they can last.

Can you use your existing lenses in the new frames?

Most of our optical specialists suggest acquiring new lenses with every new pair of frames. However, if your new eyewear is the same model as the old eyewear, and you don’t have any changes to your prescription, you might be able to use your existing lenses.


The eye professional will inspect your current lenses for damage to make sure they’re worth reusing. We might need to cut your lenses to fit the new frames, so you’ll want to make sure the new frames you choose are smaller than or the same size as your current ones. 

Summary: When should you get new glasses’ frames?

You might need to replace your frames if they break or have any major sizing issues, but how often should you get new glasses’ frames if they haven’t been damaged? Every one to three years is our recommendation.


The average lifespan of a pair of glasses can be even longer if you keep your eyewear in great condition. Consider that you might need to order new frames if your new prescription no longer works with your current frames, but if your prescription is unchanged, it might be possible to reuse your lenses. You may just need to get new frames if they break beyond repair. 


For Eyes’ expert optical team is here for you either way. 

Come see us anytime for help finding the perfect set of eyewear.

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