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How Eyeglasses Should Fit Your Face

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Before you start shopping for eyewear, it’s vital to know how the frames should sit on your cheeks and fit your other facial characteristics. After all, eyeglasses can promote your best features and improve your overall look–but you must know how to wear them. 


Here’s everything you need to know about how eyeglasses should fit your face: 

How Eyeglasses Should Fit Your Face

Finding the proper fit for your eyeglasses starts with taking a look at how the frames fit your cheeks and eyebrows, as well as where the eyes are in each lens. When trying on new eyeglasses, be sure to go to a mirror, and take a look at these features to see if you have the right eyewear for you. 


Start with these simple pointers when examining the fit: 


Cheekbones: When selecting the best eyewear, how it fits your cheeks is essential. Your eyeglasses should fit your face by extending just past your cheeks. Having eyewear that goes beyond the sides of your face can make your facial features look unbalanced. 


Eyebrows: You’ll want to make sure that your eyeglasses go over a part of your eyebrows but not the entire browline. If the frames cover your eyebrows, they can detract from your look and make it look like you’re wearing the wrong size of eyewear. 


Eyes: In understanding how eyeglasses should fit your face, it’s important to note that your eyes should be in the mid-lens area. This can make your eyes look balanced in your eyewear and ensure you have the proper visual coverage. For kids, you’ll want to make sure that their lenses are not too large for their face either, as oversized lenses are more likely to fall. 

Summary: Getting the Perfect Fit for Eyeglasses

Do you want to know how eyeglasses should fit your face so that you can select the best style of eyewear? We suggest looking for eyeglasses that feel comfortable and are not too large on your cheeks. You should also consider how your eyes sit in the lenses and whether your eyebrows show beneath the frames.


If you need any assistance in making sure the eyeglasses are suitable for your face, our team of eye professionals can help. We have worked with thousands of patients across the nation to help them select the perfect frames, and we can help you, too. 


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