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How Do You Know Which Size of Glasses to Get for Your Face?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

The best glasses for you vary based on the shape of your face. There are five primary face shapes, and each one looks flattering in a different style of frames. 


So, how do you know which size of glasses to get for your face? 

How do you know which size of glasses to get for your face?

Start with your face shape. Here are some general guidelines to follow:


  • Heart: A wide forehead and narrow chin characterize this face shape. Make sure to select rimless or semi-rimless, oval frames to bring more width to the bottom of your face. Steer clear of angled frames. Look for eyeglasses that meet the edge of your face, by your cheekbones. 
  • Oval: Your facial features are balanced all around. This makes it easy for you to select the right eyewear because you can look attractive in most styles. However, we recommend square-shaped or rectangular glasses to refine your features even more. You can get away with large or small frames. Choose what makes you feel most comfortable. 
  • Round: Everything is round from your cheeks to your chin if you have this face shape. Large, rectangular glasses are your best option because they can give your face more definition. Small frames can amplify the size of your cheeks, so it’s best to avoid those.
  • Square: For this face shape, the most prominent features are your jaw, chin, and forehead. Light-colored, round or oval frames are ideal for you since they can downplay your sharp facial features. We suggest looking for medium-sized eyewear that extends the width of your cheeks to bring your look together. 
  • Triangle: On a triangle face, your forehead is the widest feature. The best glasses for you are large, square frames with abundant texture on the bottom (think cat-eye and oval frames). Avoid small glasses at all costs to keep your face from looking unbalanced. 

Summary: How do I choose the right glasses for my face shape?

It’s best to know your face shape so that you can select the best style of eyewear. If you’re wondering, ‘How do I choose the right glasses for my face shape?’, keep in mind that if your face has a lot of angles, you’ll want to look for round eyewear that softens your features. However, if your face is round, it’s best to choose square-shaped or rectangular eyeglasses because they can add more dimension to your cheeks. 

When considering whether you should select small or large frames, remember that your eyewear should help your facial features to pop. Therefore, most face shapes should avoid small frames. If you have a triangle-shaped face, large frames are even more essential. 


By following these guidelines, you will feel good and look beautiful in your new glasses in no time. 

Do you need more assistance in finding the right eyewear for your face shape? Go to your local For Eyes today to speak to one of our eye care professionals. We look forward to seeing you.

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