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How Do Toric Contact Lenses Work?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Do you often look at the reviews for the best contact lenses for astigmatism? Having astigmatism can make it challenging to narrow down your eyewear options, especially when everyone’s level of astigmatism is different. 


And we understand what it’s like to spend hours searching for the top contact lenses when all you want is someone to show you where to start. Allow us to simplify things for you. 


For most people with astigmatism, eye doctors recommend contact lenses (and specifically toric contact lenses). How do toric contact lenses work? Let’s take a look. 

What are toric contact lenses?

Most contacts are shaped like a semicircle that conforms to the eye. People with astigmatism have an irregular cornea, though, making it look more like a football than a circle, so standard, spherical lenses don’t work. 


Instead, you’ll need contacts with a different shape to help your eyes refract light. That is where toric contact lenses come into play. These lenses work with your eye motion and gravity to help with your visual distortion and blurry vision


The majority of toric contacts feature soft lenses, but if you have severe astigmatism, the optometrist may suggest gas-permeable toric contacts (hard lenses that help oxygen reach your eyes). Both options are great for correcting symptoms of refractive errors. 


You can order toric contacts in many forms, including daily wear and extended wear. If you prefer to dispose of your contacts at the end of each day, daily wear is the way to go. However, if you want contacts that can last longer and that are okay to sleep in (if you forget to take them out one night), extended wear is the better choice. 

How do toric contact lenses work?

Toric contact lenses are different from regular contacts in that the prescription power varies depending on which part of the lens you’re peering through. The vertical and horizontal axes have a different prescription, helping your eyes adjust quickly no matter where you’re looking. 


Many people with astigmatism are farsighted or nearsighted, too, so the corrective eyewear will often cover an additional prescription. And if you need two or more prescriptions, toric multifocal contact lenses are an excellent choice. 


The ideal ways to find the best toric contact lenses vary. Everyone’s astigmatism is different, and if you have multiple refractive errors, it can take many trial lenses before you get the most comfortable fit. It can also take longer to fit your eyes for toric contact lenses since they have a different design than other lenses. 


Even though your lenses may have a different shape than what you’re used to, you’ll still insert and remove them the same way. But since they have a center axis, a proper fit is vital to keep them in place, or your vision can become blurry and distorted again. Therefore, it’s fundamental to understand the answer to: ‘How do toric contact lenses work?’


Just remember that if at any point, your toric contacts don’t seem to be working or if your toric lenses are blurry, you should meet with an eye doctor. It’s possible your eyes are dry, and if so, the eye doctor can recommend eye drops or a different type of lens. 

Summary: How do the best toric contact lenses function?

Most contacts have a circular shape, but people with astigmatism need an abnormal shape to accommodate their corneal curve. Toric contact lenses have this shape (and more), making them ideal for people with astigmatism.


How do toric contact lenses work? They have distinct lens power depending on where you’re viewing on the horizontal or vertical axis. With toric lenses, blurry and distorted vision caused by astigmatism is less likely, giving you sharper visual acuity.


If you have astigmatism, start with toric contacts. Our eye care team would love to help you locate the best brands and styles for your prescription. 

Need help finding the best toric contact lenses? Come by your local For Eyes today to browse our selection.

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