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The Dangers of Sunlight

Eye health care is important, especially when UV light is everywhere. UV light from the sun is powerful and potentially very dangerous. The more your eyes are exposed to sunlight, the deeper the rays can penetrate the retina, and the more serious the damage. That’s where sunglasses with quality protective lenses come in. They can help prevent UV damage to your retina.

Prolonged and repeated exposure to “bad” UV rays (i.e. UVA/ UVB) can cause severe eye diseases which can in turn lead to major deterioration of your vision.

Most people only think of sunglasses when they think of summer and sunny days, but UV risks are a year-round concern. In the mountains, particularly in winter, you should always protect your eyes because UV levels can increase 10-12% for every 1000 feet higher you go. In that instance, polarized lenses usually prove to be most effective in blocking out UV rays.


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Children and Sunlight

Everyone should take care of their eyes, but children need special protection for theirs. Younger eyes are more sensitive to UV light because their pupils are larger in comparison to an adult’s. And the natural lenses in their eyes are more transparent, so they let in more UV light. For children under 12 months, 90% of UVA rays and 50% of UVB rays reach their retinas. To prevent the onset of eye disease, it’s important to encourage your children to wear sunglasses and and help them understand the dangers of UV light.

Some sunglasses are better than others.

Some popular sunglasses on the market don’t provide any UV protection at all. At For Eyes, we promise complete protection for your children’s eyes. In fact, all our junior sunglasses are labeled 100% UV (CE standard).

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