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Healthy living starts with your eyesight. Come see one of our quality eye professionals today. Click below to make an appointment with an “eye doctor near me.”

You should have an eye exam every year with an “eye doctor near me” for so many more reasons than repairing or checking on your vision. Our expert staff aims to make every encounter with our patients a pleasant and favorable experience where everyone benefits.

If you’ve been considering coming in for an appointment, don’t delay. For an eye exam complete with not only the finest education in vision care but excellence in customer service as well, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to provide eye care that leaves you feeling confident in your choice to visit us for all your visual needs.


We have all your eye care needs covered.

Our skilled team of doctors and eye care professionals is here for you at your convenience. With same-day appointments and occasional walk-ins available, you’re able to maintain your busy schedule and also keep your vision health top priority. 

We provide comprehensive eye exams, as well as contact lens exams, with quality care and support that the entire family can get behind. These exams will not only allow you to be tested for any diseases or complications, but they will also provide you an opportunity to receive quality vision advice from a skilled professional. Our friendly staff will make sure that you’re comfortable and taken care of, no matter the reason for your visit. 

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of glasses, our helpful staff members are well-versed in today’s fashion trends and can assist you in picking the best pair for your specific needs. Whether you’re a long-time glasses’ wearer or if you’re a parent accompanying your child purchasing their first pair, our team can provide the necessary guidance that you'll need for finding the right eyewear.

Your eyesight is one of your most important senses, and our goal is to create a comfortable environment where we can accommodate all your vision needs. So, come see us at your neighborhood For Eyes, and find an “eye doctor near me” today.


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What makes For Eyes such a great solution for your optical care?


If you’re browsing for an “eye doctor near me,” you may be wondering why you should choose For Eyes. At all of our optical centers, not only do we value patient care above all, but we also strive to create a comfortable, welcoming environment that gives you peace of mind throughout the eye exam process.

We have over 47 years of experience providing top-of-the-line eye care services to families throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. And if you need a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, you’ll love our wide selection of designer and more budget-friendly brands.

Our commitment to you is excellent service, affordable pricing, and quality care that you can count on. With over 116 locations to choose from, finding an “eye doctor near me” has never been easier.

Why should you have an eye exam every year with an “eye doctor near me?”

There are many reasons why you should have an eye exam every year with an “eye doctor near me.” No matter what age you are, keeping your vision well-protected can benefit you in the long run. Your eyes are responsible for so many of your daily activities. Routine check-ups can ensure that you catch complications early on and that you can maintain your healthy eyesight for years to come.

Many people may think, ‘Why should I find an eye doctor near me if I’ve already done a vision screening this year?’ However, what they fail to recognize is that while vision screenings can sometimes detect problems, a comprehensive eye exam is essential to get a proper diagnosis.

Getting an eye exam is not only vital for adults, but it’s also necessary for children. So, how often should a child have an eye exam? Kids should have their first eye exam before 6 months of age and again at 3 years of age. Then, they should begin going for their annual eye exams starting at age 6. Parents always want their children to succeed, and proper vision health can help ensure this. 

Experts are also noticing an increase in the number of children who develop nearsightedness, or myopia, in early childhood. If this condition goes untreated for too long, your child may be at a higher risk for developing other vision complications in life. (According to the CDC) Scheduling an exam for your child sooner rather than later is the best way to ensure that we can slow the advancement of nearsightedness.

As your child matures, their vision can also change. According to the CDC, millions of U.S. citizens over age 12 will require some sort of vision correction in their lives. (Source) Staying on top of your adolescent’s vision health is as essential as it is in early childhood but even more so if you have a history of vision issues in your family. 

While maintaining and correcting your vision is vital, disease prevention plays another critical role in ensuring vision health. Eye exams can detect many eye diseases that can lead to vision loss. Your eyes can also be instrumental in identifying other conditions, such as diabetes, that can affect the rest of your body as well. 

With the convenience of scheduling an eye exam with an “eye doctor near me,” it’s now easier than ever to ensure that your vision gets the attention and care it deserves. So, don’t wait. Schedule an appointment for you or your child’s annual eye exam as soon as you can.

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