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Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Smaller?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Did your eye doctor tell you that you need glasses for a refractive error? Don’t worry. Corrective eyewear can clear up your vision and alleviate many uncomfortable symptoms, such as blurry vision and eye fatigue.


In fact, prescription lenses may be just what you need to get your vision back on the right track. But does wearing glasses make your eyes smaller? Here’s what you should know. 

Does wearing glasses make your eyes smaller?

Nearsighted people can see things nearby, but they may need corrective lenses for seeing far away. This condition develops due to a lengthy eye or a cornea that bends more than it should. These features can keep your eyes from directing light to where it needs to go: on the retina.


Does wearing glasses make your eyes smaller if you’re nearsighted? It can. Here’s why:


Farsightedness often requires magnifying lenses with a high prescription to improve near vision, whereas nearsighted glasses decrease the size of your retina to help with distance vision. That can make your eyes appear smaller than usual. 


While your eyes might look smaller behind the lenses, they’ll stay the same size. So, don’t stress if your eyes seem to shrink in your new eyewear. When you take off your glasses, your eyes will be back to normal.


Another reason why your glasses might make your eyes look tiny is your frames. Ensure your frames are the right size and shape for your face for the most flattering appearance. Wearing the right style of glasses should amplify your best facial features, not take away from them. 

How can you make your eyes look more prominent in corrective eyewear?

If you’re nearsighted, and your glasses make your eyes appear small, consider thin frames to keep them from weighing down your face. This can also help your eyes look more balanced behind your lenses.


Another way to enhance the size of your eyes behind your lenses is with makeup. We recommend applying a thin layer of liquid foundation and concealer that coincides with your skin tone. 


Next, apply eye makeup with a glimmer to give your eyes that extra something. You can also add eyeliner to your upper lash line based on the thickness of your frames. (For instance, if you have thin frames, ensure your eyeliner is thin, too.) Then, go in with some white eyeliner on your waterline to bring out your eyes the most. 


Making your eyes look bigger behind glasses doesn’t have to be complicated. Use makeup to your advantage, and highlight your eyes with bold colors. Don’t forget to use your favorite highlighter on your brow bone to amplify your look even more. 

Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Smaller

Summary: Do nearsighted glasses make your eyes look smaller?

If you’re wondering, ‘Does wearing glasses make your eyes smaller?’, know that it can–especially if you’re nearsighted. As a nearsighted person, your prescription may minimize the size of your retina, which can give the appearance of smaller eyes.


Keep in mind that your eyes won’t shrink due to glasses. Your eyewear might just make it look like they do. However, when you remove your glasses, you should find that your eyes look normal. (Talk to your eye doctor if you’re concerned about the size of your eyes without glasses.)


To enlarge your eyes, we recommend choosing thin frames to prevent your eyewear from taking up too much of your face. You can also go a little bolder than usual with your makeup, sticking with liquid face makeup and eyeshadow with a slight sparkle. That’s all you’ll need.

Need more advice on wearing nearsighted glasses? Speak to an optometrist in your area today.

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