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Does Oakley Make Kids Glasses?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Oakley is one of our most popular brands of eyewear. We sell it every day to men and women seeking vision correction with style. 


But does Oakley make kids glasses? Here’s what you need to know. 

Does Oakley make kids glasses?

Yes, Oakley does make glasses for kids. This brand is a fantastic option for child athletes, offering superior comfort and ultimate flexibility. 


If your child chooses a pair of Oakleys, here are our suggestions: 


  • Opt for a scratch-resistant coating. Children can be hard on their eyewear while wearing it at school and for extracurricular activities, such as sports. If it drops, it’s bound to scratch, and an anti-scratch coating may be just what your child needs to keep their eyewear safe.
  • Take your child into a nearby For Eyes to get fitted for glasses. One of our eye care specialists will check to ensure your child’s frames are the right thickness for them. They’ll also inspect the position of each eye in the lens, the location of the bridge in comparison to the nose, and how the temples fit around the ears. 


We also recommend helping your little one establish a daily routine for their eyewear. Your child’s Oakley glasses can last longer if they take care of them. Teach your child healthy eye care habits, such as how to clean their glasses. Also, explain to them why it’s important to store their eyewear in a case each night (to prevent it from breaking or accumulating debris). 

How can I get the best Oakley prescription glasses for my child?

To find the best Oakley prescription glasses for kids, visit a For Eyes near you. When you arrive, ask the receptionist to help you find the eyewear you’re looking for. If your child doesn’t have an existing prescription, but they’re experiencing signs of needing glasses, they’ll need a comprehensive eye exam before they can get corrective eyewear. 


Scheduling the eye appointment is simple. You’ll need a copy of your vision insurance card and your valid photo I.D., such as a driver’s license, to check in. The eye specialist will help you find a good day and time for your child’s exam. 


Some of our locations also offer walk-ins, so feel free to ask about our availability when you arrive. We’d be happy to accommodate your schedule if we have the time. 


What will help my child adjust to Oakley prescription glasses?

Like any eyewear, getting used to Oakley glasses can take time. Some of our best tips for helping children adjust to glasses are to:


  • Share how glasses can help their eyes. Explain the benefits of vision correction, such as how they may not need to lean in to watch a movie anymore, and they might not need to sit at the front of the class to see.
  • Talk to them about other people who wear glasses. Superheroes and young celebrities are popular for this. You can remind them about Clark Kent, for instance, who sports vision correction when he’s hiding his identity as Superman. 
  • Use kind, encouraging words every time your child puts on their glasses. These words can make them want to wear their glasses more often, which can help them see better at home and school.

Does Oakley Make Kids Glasses?

Summary: Are there Oakley glasses for kids?

For Eyes offers many Oakley kids glasses. This brand is a popular choice for all ages, offering comfort, durability, and fashion in every pair. 


If your child opts for Oakleys, be sure to ask for a scratch-resistant coating for the lenses. This feature is worth it because it can provide an extra level of protection in case your child drops their eyewear. 


Does your child need a little encouragement to get used to their new frames? Let them know the many ways glasses can benefit them, in addition to who else they know who wears glasses. This may get them excited each time they put on the eyewear, inspiring them to use it more and more until it becomes a habit. 


And if you need a little assistance to help your child adapt, we’re here for you. 

You can find many Oakley glasses for kids at your neighborhood For Eyes. Stop by anytime to view our selection.

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