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Do Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Really Work?

Blog, Blue Light, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Blue light comes from various digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and even televisions. But did you know sunlight emits it, too? 


We need a certain amount of blue light to function. However, too much time exposed to blue light from natural sources or digital devices can have a lasting impact on your health. Fortunately, there is a way to combat your exposure to blue light, and that is blue-light blocking glasses


You might be asking yourself, ‘Do blue-light blocking glasses really work?’ We’re here with an inside look to settle your concerns about blue-light glasses so that you can get on the path to better eye health. 

What are blue-light glasses?

Before you can understand how blue-light glasses work, it’s best to define them. So, what are blue-light glasses? Blue-light glasses are eyewear that features a special coating, which alleviates your symptoms of digital eye strain by limiting the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes via the sun, screens, and other devices. 


Most eyewear can feature these innovative lenses. They can even be added to your reading glasses, making them an excellent option for every age group. It’s important to protect yourself, and your eyes, from too much exposure to blue light. Blue-light glasses are the way to do so. 

Do blue-light blocking glasses really work?

Blue-light glasses block excess blue light from entering your retina. Wearing them on a daily basis can help with your exposure from digital devices and natural sources. Since we use our smartphones alone daily, you can probably surmise just how much blue light your eyes take in.


We’re proud to say that yes, blue-light blocking glasses really do work. But they shouldn’t be the only way you protect your eyes from blue light. It’s also necessary to take breaks away from the screen and not use your devices too much before bed. 

Summary of Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re still wondering, ‘Do blue-light blocking glasses really work?’, the answer is yes. They filter blue light to keep too much from entering your eyes, which can impact your eye health in more ways than one. 


Blue-light glasses can benefit you by helping with your digital eye strain. You can ask your eye doctor for a prescription at your next eye exam. It’s that simple to get started. 


Are you looking to purchase a pair of blue-light glasses? Find a For Eyes near you today. 

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