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Eye Exam for Contacts

For Eyes will bring an optician to provide free vision screenings to all your employees at your place of business at a time that is convenient for you. The process takes approximately 7 minutes per person.

We will distribute exclusive $25 credit coupons which can be used at our store and which can be combined with any of our in-store promotions and with most insurance benefits.

As an extra bonus we will raffle a pair of our exclusive brand sunglasses and will be happy to provide light snacks. At the vision screening we can also sign up the business for our Perks for Eyes program.

This program is designed as alternative for employees whose workplace does not offer vision insurance or for those employees who opt-out of the vision benefit when offered through their workplace.

You can learn more about the program by visiting


What is a vision screening?

A five-minute preliminary screening that can reveal existing or potential eye conditions that could lead to vision loss. Please note this does not replace a comprehensive eye exam performed by an independent doctor of Optometry.

Why is a vision screening important?

Vision screening can help detect the presence of potential vision issues, if current prescription needs update, can help detect signs of other conditions including of diabetes. Impairments are hard to self-diagnose because many people just learn to live with them.

What will a vision screening test for?

Is your vision 20/20? Is your vision sharp? Are both eyes working together? Can you tell the distance between objects? Can you differentiate colors? Are your eye muscles balanced? Is your peripheral vision okay?

What happens after my screening?

Vision screening is not a substitute for professional vision care or a comprehensive eye exam. If your Vision Screening indicates an issue, however small, we will refer you to an eye care professional for a full evaluation.

Where can I book a comprehensive eye exam?

Your nearest For Eyes store is home to highly trained optometrists ready to perform a comprehensive eye exam. Visit us at for your nearest location.