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Children Who Play Video Games Need to Get Their Eyes Checked Every Year

Blog, Blue Light, Glasses for Kids

With gaming systems and digital devices readily available in most households, children have never been more connected to technology. In fact, over 40 percent of children have their own tablets for school and online games. 


We recommend that children who play video games need to get their eyes checked every year, but why is this important?

What vision problems do video games cause for kids?

Playing video games for multiple hours may increase your child’s chances of having eye fatigue or focusing issues. What other vision problems do video games cause for kids? Your child might experience blurry vision, eye strain, or migraines due to the many hours of playing video games on a TV or handheld device. 


By understanding how video games impact children’s eyes, you can encourage them to take precautions that can protect their eyesight. 

How can you protect your child’s vision from video games? 

Whether your child is experiencing symptoms or not or has asked you, ‘Why do my eyes hurt when I play video games?’, it’s important to let them know that breaks away from the screen are necessary. Every 20 minutes, your child should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 


We also recommend having your child sit 20 to 28 inches away from their devices and at least six feet away from the television. Exercise and sleep can also help keep your child’s eyes from having video game eye strain.

Why do children who play video games need annual eye exams?

‘What do I need to know about video games and my child’s eyes?’ might be a question you ask in regards to your child’s eyesight if they play every day. Children who play video games need an annual eye appointment to prevent eye focusing issues and to find out if they need glasses.


A yearly eye exam is also essential to find out if your child is among the 80 percent of kids who have digital eye strain. If they’re experiencing blurry vision or eye fatigue, bring them in for an exam so that the optometrist can check for eye coordination and vision issues. 

Summary: Children who play video games need to get their eyes checked every year.

The most common symptom of excess video game time in kids is digital eye strain. Due to this, you should take your child each year to get their eyes checked. After all, if their eyes are not treated or if they do not receive glasses as necessary, their symptoms may only get worse. 


To protect your child’s eyes between yearly exams, have them take frequent breaks, sit at the right distance from the screens, and get outside. Video games can benefit your child’s learning, but it’s necessary to exercise proper care anytime they are exposed for too long.

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