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Can You Get New Lenses for Old Frames?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Between juggling work, kids, school, and everything in between, life can be stressful sometimes. You might be in a rush to leave your house in the morning and accidentally drop your eyewear.


While your frames might stay intact, the chances are that your lenses could get scratched–or worse, broken. Can you get new lenses for old frames, or do you have to buy all new eyewear? Let’s find out.

Can I get new lenses for old frames?

You can use most types of eyeglass lenses we offer with any style of frames. Each lens will be customized with your unique prescription to give you the visual coverage you need. Your frames will keep the lenses in place and add a stylish touch to your eyewear.


New frames give you a chance to change up your appearance. So, whether you feel like looking academic, casual, professional, or sporty, your eyewear is the way to do it.


It’s possible to get new lenses for old frames, but we don’t suggest this route (unless you need your frames now and can’t wait for the new ones to arrive). You might also want to use your existing frames if: 


  • Your preferred frames are no longer available. 
  • You’ve worn your frames for many years and are comfortable in them. 


If you do want to use your old frames for your new lenses, talk to one of our optical specialists to see if that’s an option. We’ll inspect your frames for damage and double-check that your prescription will suit your existing setup.


To make the lenses work, we might need to cut them to fit your frames. Don’t worry, though. Our team of trained specialists can do this for you. 

Where can I buy replacement lenses for rimless glasses and other types of eyewear?

Rimless glasses have been in style for years, but there is a downside: they may break faster than other types of eyewear. Why? There aren’t frames to protect the lenses or keep them in place, so if you drop your glasses, the lenses are the first to get damaged.


Consider a different type of lens the next time you order eyewear. Your choice should be as durable as your lifestyle requires. Also, ask your eye specialist for an anti-scratch coating to resist additional damage. 


If you ever need replacement lenses for your rimless glasses or other types of eyewear, stop by a For Eyes near you. You can find our offices in Illinois, Georgia, Florida, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana, and Maryland. Our optical team will use the highest precision and gentlest hands when replacing your lenses. 


Now that you know where to get prescription lenses put in frames, come on by. We’re here to help. 

Can You Get New Lenses for Old Frames?

Summary: Is it possible to use the same frames for my new lenses?

Yes, you can get new lenses for old frames. However, you’ll first want to look over your frames for signs of damage. One of our eye specialists can help with this.


If we deem it okay to reuse your old frames for your new lenses, we’ll place an order for your new prescription lenses right away so that you can get back to seeing your best. The lenses might take a few days to arrive, but they’ll be worth the wait. 


Our tip to help your lenses withstand damage better next time? Try a different type of lens with durability that matches your lifestyle. Also, request a scratch-resistant coating to fight back against scuff marks.


Your lenses may not be unbreakable, but by choosing the right style and coating, they may be close.

Shop for new eyewear today at your nearest For Eyes. We look forward to seeing you.

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