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Can Non-Prescription Glasses Hurt Your Eyes?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Every day, we see hundreds of people seeking new frames. And not all of those people are searching for a prescription (which would require a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist).


Sometimes, you might want to wear glasses without a prescription. However, you might be held back by a few questions, such as:


  • Are there any drawbacks to non-prescription glasses?
  • Can non-prescription glasses hurt your eyes?


Let’s discuss.  

Why do people wear non-prescription glasses?

The main reason why people choose non-prescription glasses is because of fashion. You can use glasses to change up your look every day, making bold, new statements just by the color of your frames.


For instance, do you want to appear more professional during a job interview? Glasses can help. Would you like just to try something new? Glasses have you covered there, too.


Black, pink, purple, and red are some of our popular color options for frames. Imagine how you could bring out your eyes and explore new styles by wearing some of these bold color choices. (Tip: Make sure your outfit complements the new look!)


Another reason to consider non-prescription glasses is if you have no vision issues, but you’d like to protect your eyes better. For Eyes offers many special coatings for glasses, including but not limited to protection against blue light and glare. 


And if you work in an area with a lot of debris, wearing glasses of any kind can help safeguard your eyes. Keep the dirt and dust out of your eyes by wearing a pair of high-quality lenses and frames, with or without a prescription. 

Can non-prescription glasses hurt your eyes? 

In general, non-prescription glasses cannot hurt your eyes if you lack vision problems. However, if you do require corrective lenses for a refractive error or another eye issue, you’ll need a pair of prescription lenses to maintain control over your eyesight.


So, don’t get non-prescription glasses for fashion if what you need is a prescription. The glasses themselves don’t correct your vision. That’s what the prescription in each lens is for. 


If you suspect you need corrective lenses, a comprehensive optical evaluation is the first step. You’ll want to contact a For Eyes near you to schedule an appointment (or call to ask about our walk-in availability). Then, when it comes time for your exam, bring your vision insurance and a valid photo I.D. The eye doctor will see you when they’re ready.


For Eyes is also where to buy non-prescription glasses. Come in anytime to see our extensive selection of designer frames. We have many eye professionals on staff who can assist with your questions about the right lens coatings and styles for your needs. 

Can Non-Prescription Glasses Hurt Your Eyes

Summary: Are non-prescription glasses worth it?

The most common reason why people use non-prescription glasses is for style. If you’d like to try new looks every so often with minimal effort, bold eyewear choices can help. That makes non-prescription glasses worth the investment since you can change up your frames from day to day without paying extra for corrective lenses. (Be sure to request the right lens coatings for additional eye protection.)


Can non-prescription glasses hurt your eyes, though? No, these glasses won’t harm your eyes in general. However, if you have vision issues that require corrective lenses, we’d recommend scheduling an eye exam with an optometrist to get prescription lenses instead.


The best type of eyewear for you depends on your eyes, and non-prescription glasses aren’t for everyone. If you need an eye prescription, don’t let the options for frames stop you from getting the right lenses. We can add prescriptions to most lenses of your choice. 

Want to browse our latest collections of designer eyewear? Drop by your local For Eyes today. We look forward to seeing you.

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