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Can I Buy Glasses Online With Insurance?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Are you browsing for a new pair of glasses? We know it can be challenging to narrow down your options if it’s your first time exploring eyewear or if you haven’t upgraded your lenses in a while.


Allow us to make it simple by showing you the types of glasses you can get from your local For Eyes and the best ways to order them. Stay tuned for answers to FAQs, such as, ‘Can I buy glasses online with insurance?’, and more. 

What types of glasses do you offer?

For Eyes has been in the business of eye exams and glasses since 1972. Since then, we’ve made it our mission to give customers a vast selection of eyewear at an affordable cost. We have glasses for men, women, and children, in both designer and budget-friendly brands. Not to mention, we offer sports goggles to protect your eyes during physical activities.


When you shop with us, you’ll find name brands, such as:


  • Gucci
  • Kate Spade
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Oakley
  • Prada
  • Ray-Ban


…And more! 


If you have questions about a specific type of lens, all you’ll need to do is talk to one of our friendly eye care specialists. We’d love to show you your options and walk you through how to find the best glasses for your face shape.


Here are some suggestions to start with:


  • People with a heart-shaped face benefit most from natural-colored, thin, oval frames. 
  • If you have an oval-shaped face, turn to cat-eye, rectangular, or square glasses.
  • Those with a round-shaped face look fantastic in square or rectangular eyewear. 
  • As someone with a square-shaped face, we’d recommend wearing oval or round glasses.
  • Triangle-shaped faces turn heads in rimless, cat-eye frames.

Can I buy glasses online with insurance?

At this time, For Eyes does not sell glasses online, but you can view our in-store selection on our website. To order new eyewear, you’ll need to request an appointment with one of our optometrists. Simply click here to find a nearby location, and give us a call. 


While the answer to, ‘Can I buy glasses online with insurance?’, is not right now, you can buy contact lenses on our website with a prescription from an eye doctor. Visiting an optical store in your area can be just as simple, too. Our eye doctors can conduct comprehensive eye exams, contact lens exams, and more to give you an up-to-date prescription that takes care of any eye issues.


When you come to one of our stores in person, you can also buy eyewear with insurance. You’ll just need to bring your insurance card and a valid photo I.D. so that we can confirm your eligibility. 


Remember: All glasses’ wearers benefit from free adjustments at For Eyes–even if you’re not a current customer (though we hope you’ll be one soon). 

Can I Buy Glasses Online With Insurance? EYE

Summary: How do I order new eyewear?

Are you still wondering, ‘Can I buy glasses online with insurance?’ At this time, ordering new glasses on our website is not an option–but never say never. Despite not being able to get new glasses online right now, you can buy contacts from us there. 


To get new glasses, you’ll first want to set up an eye appointment with one of our optometrists. Our team will test your eyes for refractive errors and other issues, as well as recommend the right prescription based on your test results. 


We’re also happy to help you find the right frames for your style preferences. Just ask if you need help. For Eyes is here for you. 

Locate an optical store in your area today. We can’t wait to meet you and your family.

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