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Save 40% On All Prescription Lenses at For Eyes

Save 40% On All Prescription Lenses at For Eyes

Save 40% on All Lens Packages

To celebrate the launch of the new For Eyes e-commerce site, we are offering everyone 40% off all lenses for prescription glasses. Prices are already reflected in the lens package price - no coupon code needed.

Pick Your Favorite Frame

From our least expensive to most sophisticated, technologically-advanced lens package, everything is on sale. With great prices on frames - from Ray-Bans to Kate Spade to Tommy Hilfiger and Oakley, you can find a perfect pair (or two) for far less than you expect to pay. For those looking for something a little more exclusive and lower in cost, check out our Exclusive Brands - like DbyD, Unofficial, Sensaya or Heritage. Made with exacting manufacturing standards, these glasses offer the style and quality of name brand glasses at far lower prices.

Not Sure Which Lens Package is Right For You?

The truth is that there is no 'perfect' lens -- it all depends on your prescription, your lifestyle and your budget. All of our lenses are made with high quality materials and will help you see well.

Here are some guidelines on how to decide which package is best for you.

What is Your Prescription?

  • If your prescription is between .25 and 1.50 (or -.25 and -1.50), you can wear some of the simpler lenses, in plastic (Classic or Classic+) or polycarbonate (EverLight or EverLight Blue). Plastic lenses tend to be thicker and not ideal for stronger prescriptions.
  • If you have a strong prescription, you will want to look at some of our thinner lenses. UltraThin Blue and UltraThin 1.74 are the thinnest lenses we have. They are great for prescriptions with higher numbers, frames that are thin or semi-rimless, and frames that are heavier - in addition to being thin, these lens options are incredibly lightweight.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

  • Sit at a computer most of the day or look at screens for multiple hours a day? A pair of glasses with Blue Protect can help reduce the risks of excessive blue light exposure.
  • Work outside or spend a lot of time in active pursuits? EverLight and EverLight Blue are made with polycarbonate, a lightweight impact-resistant material that can withstand bumps and bruises.
  • You probably also want to add tint or polarization if you are outside in the sun a great deal. Prescription sunglasses are a great option for those of us with vision correction needs who are outside a lot.
  • In and out of the sun a great deal? Add photochromic lenses to any package - dark when it's sunny, clear when you are inside, they adjust to the light conditions and help protect your eyes from harmful UV Light.

What is Your Budget?

  • Our least expensive option is the Classic package - $18 (down from $30). This is a great lens, but does not include any of the updated technology to reduce size, add coatings or enhancements into the lens (like non-glare or Blue Protect). This is a good option if you have a low prescription and just want a simple pair of glasses.
  • With just a bit more to spend, you can get the EverLight, our most popular lens. At just $90 with this promotion, you can get the benefits of a lightweight lens with impact-resistant polycarbonate. 
  • No budget? High prescription? The two UltraThin options are a great choice. UltraThin Blue has a 1.67 lens, which is an incredibly high quality lens - great for higher prescriptions. And the UltraThin 1.74 Blue has an even thinner lens and is a favorite among those with higher prescriptions and thinner frames. Because of the material, they also appear thin, which is great for those of us who don't want to be able to see the thickness of the lenses.


There isn't a lens in the bunch that we don't love. And you will too. Find one that fits your lifestyle and budget and you will be on your way to seeing clearly. Explore frames to get started.


A Few Details About the Promotion

Receive 40% off lenses with the purchase of a frame. This is an online-only offer and may not be used in stores. This offer is valid until September 15, 2020. It may not be combined with insurance or any other discounts or offers; only applies on new purchases.


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