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Are Progressive Lenses Good for Driving?

Are Progressive Lenses Good for Driving?

When you’re on the road, you must stay diligent. Safety while driving is most important, which is why you need a quality pair of eyeglasses to keep your vision at its best.

Why not choose progressive lenses? They’re a three-in-one type of eyewear that changes in prescription depending on where you’re looking through the lenses. It doesn’t get much better--or clearer--than that. 

Now, if you wear progressive lenses, you may be wondering, ‘Are progressive lenses good for driving?’ Here’s what you need to know:

Are progressive lenses good for driving?

Progressive lenses are an all-inclusive type of eyewear that helps you see up close, far away, and everywhere in between. That means that progressive lenses are good for driving, so if you plan to take a road trip or drive to work, you can feel confident in your choice of vision correction. 

This type of lens also keeps you from needing to switch out your eyewear while you’re on the road. With progressive lenses, you’ll be able to see at all distances with ease, making for a safer, more enjoyable drive all around. 

Just remember that it’s best to visit an optical store in person for a progressive lens fitting before going behind the wheel. Once you’re there, here’s how to tell if your progressive lenses are correct for your face: 

  • Your frames shouldn’t block off your near vision at the bottom of the lenses. (Avoid aviators.)
  • You should be able to see the same through all three fields of view without overexerting your eyes. If you must tilt your head to see, the eye doctor can adjust the frames or nose pads. 
  • Your peripheral and distance vision shouldn’t be blurry. If they are, the optometrist may need to adjust your frames. (Great news: adjustments are free to everyone at For Eyes--even if you’re not a customer.)


What should you keep in mind if you wear progressive lenses?

While progressive lenses are suitable for driving, consider that there are a few problems with progressive lenses you might face. For instance, if you’ve never worn these eyeglasses before, it can take time to get used to them. 

To adjust to progressive lenses, try wearing them a little more each day. Within a few weeks, it should be much easier to see while on the road--with less distortion overall. 

Another thing to think about is the types of progressive lenses for drivers. If you plan to drive long distances, ask your optometrist about standard vs. premium progressive lenses. Standard lenses are more affordable than premium, but premium lenses offer a broader viewing area, making them ideal for drivers. 

You can also get special coatings for your lenses. We recommend an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare while you’re on the road and an anti-scratch coating to reduce scuff marks. 


Summary: Should you wear progressive lenses while driving?

You might want to know if progressive lenses are suitable for drivers if you spend extended periods on the road. Since this type of lens gives you three levels of visual coverage, including in the distance, progressive lenses are good for driving. 

However, you may experience some problems with progressive lenses. The most common issue is a slow adjustment period. It can take weeks to get used to progressive lenses, so if you notice any distortion while driving, work your way up to wearing them full time. 

For anyone who requires three prescriptions for eyeglasses, progressive lenses are the way to go. Wear them while driving for clear vision no matter where you travel. 


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