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5 Signs That Your Child Needs Glasses

Blog, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Glasses for Kids

How do you know if your child needs glasses? This question is something most parents ask themselves. If you’re concerned about your child’s vision, there are many signs that your child needs glasses


Here’s what you need to know:

Sign #1: Squinting or Closing One Eye

How do you know if your child needs glasses? One sign is that your child may squint a lot at objects far or near to clear up images. Squinting helps because it limits the light in your child’s eyes. It also modifies the eye shape, allowing your child to see better. 


If they close one eye, that changes the angle of an object, which can also clear up the image, or it is a sign that your child sees double. The child will close the eye that has poorer vision to improve visibility in the opposite eye.

Sign #2: Sitting Right in Front of the Television or Holding Objects Too Close to Their Face

If your child sits too close to the television or if they hold books or devices too close to their face, this may indicate that your child cannot see well. This can also be a sign of nearsightedness


Nearsighted children usually see nearby objects clearer, which would indicate why your child sits so close to the television or dips their head down while reading or playing on their phone. Bringing that object closer makes it easier for them to see.

Sign #3: Experiencing Eye Pain or Headaches

Does your child have eye pain or migraines? Those are other signs that your child needs glasses. Farsighted children usually have headaches because their eyes are trying to focus and clear up images close to them. 


Farsightedness also causes eye strain, which can be painful. Eye strain can lead to temporary pain in the eye, which vision correction can benefit. 

Sign #4: Having a Hard Time Focusing and Reading

If a child cannot focus visually, they tend not to be able to focus mentally. Children need to adapt their focus quickly while in a learning environment, and if they cannot focus their eyes, they may experience a lack of overall concentration.


Reading will also be difficult. Your child may have a hard time keeping their place while reading. Skipping lines or losing their place may indicate that your child has astigmatism, causing reading to be hard.

Sign #5: Rubbing Eyes Frequently

Rubbing of the eyes can indicate that your child’s eyes are fatigued or strained. If your child has been straining all day to see, by the time bedtime comes around, their eyes will get tired. And your child may rub their eyes as a result, trying to see better. 


Vision correction can reduce the strain on your child’s eyes and promote better visibility. With the right pair of glasses, your child’s eyes will be more alert. In turn, your child will be more awake, too.

Summary of the Signs That Your Child Needs Glasses

Whether a child is farsighted or nearsighted can modify the symptoms that they need corrective lenses. The best way to see if your child needs glasses is to take them in for a comprehensive eye exam, but if there’s not a For Eyes near you, understanding when to make the drive over can make all the difference.


Here are the signs that your child needs glasses:


  • Squinting or closing one eye
  • Sitting too close to the television or holding objects close to their face
  • Eye pain or migraines
  • Trouble focusing or reading
  • Rubbing eyes frequently


Once you have determined whether your child needs glasses or not, you can order an affordable pair of eyewear just for them. 

If you think your child needs glasses, they probably do. Schedule an eye exam with an Independent Doctor of Optometry today.

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