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3 Trends for Women’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2020

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

With an abundance of fashionable eyewear options, 2020 is your time to make a mark. Don’t be afraid to stand out when you have a pair of bold, trendy frames to back you up. And let’s be honest: there’s no better time to try out a new look than in the summer.


This season, we have three suggestions before choosing your eyewear:


  • Know your face shape to help your eyewear amplify the right features. 
  • Have a comprehensive eye exam to see if you require a specific style of frames.
  • Try on multiple pairs to see which style feels most like you.  


Also, check out our quick guide to the best women’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020 below. Your neighborhood For Eyes is here to make finding the perfect pair of specs easier than ever. 

What’s trending for women’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020?

Summer 2020 is all about angled, bold, and oversized eyewear. If you have a square-shaped face and adore the round eyewear look, you can still stay up to date with the times. However, instead of selecting tiny, circular frames, we suggest upping the ante by going for some that are a little bigger.


Here are some other popular styles for women’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020:

Style #1 (Having Fun With Earth Tones): Oversized, Rectangular Frames in a Shade of Brown

Neutral color schemes are popular at most times of the year, but summer is one of the most fun times to wear them. Why? White is a popular outfit choice for the warm seasons. Neutral shades, such as brown, can make the most professional white blazer or the classiest white sundress look even better by adding warmth to the face. 


Oversized, rectangular frames are also all the rage at this time of year, so why not put them together and rock a three-in-one look? We recommend the brown Seen women’s eyeglasses ($69) if this look is the one for you. 

Style #2 (Keeping It Classy): Thin, Gold Frames

Gold eyewear is where it gets fun. It gives off a classy, sophisticated appearance without being overly done. Not to mention, it puts more of an emphasis on you and takes the passenger seat to your outfit by promoting it, rather than overpowering it. 


Stick with thin or semi-rimless frames for an authentic look. C-LINE’s gold women’s eyeglasses ($139) may be just what you’re looking for. As a bonus, you’ll love the intricate detailing on the temples.

Style #3 (Making a Splash): Futuristic Pink or Violet Frames

If you’d like to make the biggest splash, bold eyewear is the way to do it. And why not choose a fun color, such as pink or violet? The semi-rimless, violet women’s eyewear by Sensaya ($219) has a futuristic vibe that makes it an in-demand style of women’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020. 


This eyewear is the right choice if you want someone to remember your name at an important meeting or event. A little color can make the biggest impression.

3 Trends for Women’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2020

Summary: What are the most fashionable styles for women’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020?

Summer is the season when everything is happening. Make your eyewear a part of it. If you’re shopping for the top women’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020, we recommend trying one of these:


  • Oversized, Rectangular Frames: They’re fun and retro all in one. Consider an earth tone, such as brown, for a summer look that pairs well with white.
  • Thin, Gold Frames: Gold is an excellent shade for those seeking a classic style. Opt for thin, lightweight frames to upgrade your appearance even more. 
  • Futuristic Pink or Violet Frames: Bold colors, such as pink and violet, can make you look strong and confident, yet personable. Try on frames in one of these shades, and make this style your own. 


We’re excited to see which of these frames you like the best. 

Shop this season’s hottest eyewear today at your local For Eyes.

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