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3 Trends for Men’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2020

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Shopping for new frames might not always sound like fun, but it can be. When you know what styles are trending for each season, you can save time by trying on only the latest designer brands. 


This Summer 2020, men’s eyeglasses are everywhere. We’re here with some top choices to help you make your selection fast. Our hope is that you’ll be able to wear your new eyewear for longer than it takes to shop for it. 


Let’s get started. 

What’s trending for men’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020?

Oversized eyewear is one of the top eyewear trends this summer, making the everyday man feel like a rockstar. We recommend sticking to large frames and lenses that enhance your face shape and highlight your best features. 


Try one of these oversized styles for men’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020:

Style #1 (Clean-Cut): Semi-Rimless Frames With a Flat Top

If you’ve never worn frames with a flat top before, you’re missing out. They can accentuate your face in all the right places, especially if your frames have little to no rims. Semi-rimless frames and flat tops are an excellent combination, offering a clean, minimalistic look that’s sure to impress. 


The silver Julius men’s eyeglasses ($179) are a fantastic choice if you like this style of eyewear. Wear them with your work uniform or a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You’ll love how versatile they can be. 

Style #2 (Retro): Bold, Tortoiseshell Frames in a Warm Color

When most people think of tortoiseshell frames, one word comes to mind: vintage. Enjoy a blast to the past when you wear this style of eyewear. For a more original feel, select a warm shade, such as brown or orange. 


The tortoise-brown men’s eyeglasses by BeBright ($99) have just the right color, extending to the temples. If you need help fitting them to your face, feel free to ask a member of our eye care team. We adjust frames for free at all of our locations (even for those who haven’t purchased eyewear from us before). 

Style #3 (Refined): Gold or Silver Aviators

Aviators make just as amazing eyeglasses as they make sunglasses. Don’t be afraid to try a pair of your own. We recommend a metallic shade, such as gold or silver, to stay up to date with this season’s trends. 


Consider the silver Seen men’s eyeglasses ($69) if you like this style. They’re comfortable, durable, high quality, and will feel like they’re made just for you. 

3 Trends for Men’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2020

Summary: What are the most fashionable styles for men’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020?

For those seeking new men’s eyeglasses in Summer 2020, we suggest choosing oversized frames. This style of eyewear can make an impression at your workplace and in your personal life. With the wide selection of oversized frames at For Eyes, you’ll have plenty to choose from. 


Here are three oversized styles to consider: 


  • Semi-Rimless Frames With a Flat Top: Wear these if you desire a clean-cut, minimalistic appearance. This style of eyewear will go well with most things you wear, even in professional settings. 
  • Bold, Tortoiseshell Frames in a Warm Color: Take a trip back in time with tortoiseshell frames. A warm color, such as brown, will add that special touch you’ve been looking for.
  • Gold or Silver Aviators: You can’t go wrong with metallics. Pairing them with aviators as your everyday eyewear is even better. Embrace a whole new level of comfort. 


If you have any questions about your new frames, feel free to contact us. We’re just a phone call away. 

Click here to find an eye care center near you today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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