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3 Popular Styles for Women’s Sunglasses in Fall 2019

Blog, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Since fashion in summer and fall is so different, you may be feeling the need to change some aspects of your wardrobe to reflect this. We suggest starting with the accessories. 


Our fashion tips for women’s sunglasses in Fall 2019 are here to ensure this is your most stylish season to date. 

Hottest Styles for Women’s Sunglasses in Fall 2019

The most important feature in sunglasses is their ability to protect your eyes from UV light. However, just because your sunglasses must perform this valuable function doesn’t mean you should sacrifice fashion in the process. 


Here are some of our favorite styles for women’s sunglasses in Fall 2019: 

Style #1 (Vintage): Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The cat-eye is a classic look with a lighthearted flair. Since gaining popularity in the 50s, many women have loved this fun style for women’s sunglasses, and they still wear them today. 


Cat-eye frames are most flattering on women with a square-shaped face. We recommend the yellow Havana gold Polaroid sunglasses ($89). Pair these with colored lenses to add a modern touch to a classic style. 

Style #2 (Fun and Trendy): Bold-Patterned Sunglasses 

For a bold look, try sunglasses in fun styles, such as leopard print or marble. These statement sunglasses will give you the ultimate self-confidence and add more personality to your outfit. 


If you’re feeling relaxed, more narrow, subdued frames may suit you better, but oversized frames can help you stand out. The Havana black Kate Spade sunglasses ($169) are a great selection in this style. 

Style #3 (Boho): Circular Sunglasses in Warm Colors

This season, try bohemian-inspired, circular frames in bold, warm colors, such as orange or red. The vibrant shades will keep the look contemporary with the right amount of retro. 


The brown Seen women’s sunglasses ($39) are a great option if you prefer these frames. They look best on those with an oval-shaped face since they can balance your long features. 

Summary: Best Women’s Sunglasses Styles in Fall 2019

There are several options for those who wish to purchase new women’s sunglasses in Fall 2019. Once you figure out what features you’re willing to put on the forefront of your look, it will be much easier to search for frames. 


Here are some things to know about the most popular looks this season:


  • The cat-eye look is a timeless fashion tradition and is an up-and-coming style this fall. 
  • Look for sunglasses in bold patterns, such as leopard print or marble, to exude confidence wherever you go.
  • If you’re looking for a bohemian style of sunglasses, try round frames in warm shades, such as orange or red. 


While these are some of the top styles for women’s sunglasses in Fall 2019, there are plenty of others, too. Try as many styles as you need until you find the frames that make you feel your best. 

Go to your local For Eyes to browse our wide selection of women’s sunglasses today.

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