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3 Must-Have Styles for Men’s Eyeglasses in Spring 2020

Blog, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Spring 2020 has finally sprung, and with the changing seasons, you might be in the market to update your look with a new set of eyewear. Breathe life into your sense of style by checking out some of the best men’s eyeglasses in Spring 2020.

The Best Styles for Men’s Eyeglasses in Spring 2020

Consider sleek yet durable frames to embrace the outdoor activities you’re sure to participate in as winter begins to fade. And don’t forget to select eyewear that helps your new personal style shine through. 


Here are some of the best styles for men’s eyeglasses in Spring 2020:

Style #1 (Minimalistic): Geometric-Shaped Lenses with Subtle, Transparent Frames

Minimalistic styles are all the rage this spring, as this is a season for granting yourself a new start. If you’re looking to emphasize some of your natural facial features, go with subtle, transparent frames in unique, geometric shapes. 


We suggest the gold C-LINE men’s eyeglasses ($139) in this style. These frames are lightweight, and they make an excellent choice for men’s eyeglasses in Spring 2020. 

Style #2 (Vintage): Oversized, Tortoiseshell Frames in Classic Metal

Classic metal frames in tortoiseshell print offer a timeless look that makes them a great option for men’s eyeglasses in Spring 2020. Oversized frames are flattering for many different face shapes and can be dressed up or down, depending on your needs. 


If this style is for you, consider the tortoise-yellow Heritage men’s eyeglasses ($179). These frames are sure to help you look your “Sunday Best,” and they would pair well with a pastel bowtie for Easter.

Style #3 (Youthful): Thin, Rectangular Frames in Various Blue Shades

For those who are looking for a more youthful appearance, get a pair of thin, rectangular frames in a shade of blue. Blue can help you look younger, but it can also add to a calm, relaxed vibe.


Blue is a wonderful option for spring, and this color will complement any seasonal ensemble. We recommend the navy In Style men’s eyeglasses ($139) for Spring 2020 if you like this style. 

Summary: What are the leading styles for men’s eyeglasses in Spring 2020?

With the new season comes fresh styles. It never hurts to reinvent yourself a bit or to try out something new with your fashion, including different types of eyewear. 


Here are some of our favorite styles for men’s eyeglasses in Spring 2020:


  • Subtle, transparent frames are a great minimalist fashion choice that can emphasize your natural features. Go with geometric-shaped lenses for a look you won’t soon forget. 
  • Oversized, tortoiseshell frames in a classic metal style are a great choice, offering a timeless yet contemporary feel. 
  • Opt for a youthful appearance with blue-colored frames in thin, rectangular shapes. You’ll feel calm, cool, and collected no matter the event. 

3 Must-Have Styles for Men’s Eyeglasses in Spring 2020

Whichever style you set your sights on, make sure it’s one that gives you the feeling of confidence. 

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